At this moment, I believe that "dual citizenship" would make...

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At this moment, I believe that "dual citizenship" would make Haiti even more vulnerable.

My hope is to see Haiti recover his lost sons and daughters who sworn under oath "to renounce all allegiance and fidelity" to her. I wish the Haitian Government will very soon place a huge billboard at the Port-au-Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport, at the other marine and naval ports of departure and pass communications to the Diaspora to remind all our brothers and sisters who choose to leave Haiti that if they renounce allegiance and fidelity to Haiti, they will also loose their political rights.

Haitian-born citizens who pledge allegiance to another power can not have it both ways. They freely and voluntarily "renounce fidelity" to a nation to whom they claim to have political rights.

I believe that this is a ridiculous case of unusual audacity (impertinence, frequencité).

It is like a man who abandons his wife for another woman and then returns back to her to claim sexual privileges ...

then to say to her if you do not lie down with me; I will not give you money any more and will let you starve to death.

What do you think of a man like that?

Not all Haitian-born citizens who live in another country have chosen to "renounced allegiance and fidelity to" Haiti.

They are numerous other legal residents in the Haitian Diasporas who for a reason or another never become citizen of another nation or renounce their own.

Many others like me are seeking a reconciled solution to the problem of our politically lost brothers and sisters.

We love you very much. But, accept it if you can: Haiti is and remains a sovereign nation - pito nou lèd men nou la!

I personally believe in forgiveness, but I will not sell my dignity in the market place!

If this is your will keep your money for yourself and your family abroad; and let us starve! That is only if this is also God's will for Haiti!

Our beloved Haitian-born brothers and sisters who freely and "without mental reservation declare on oath to absolutely and entirely renounce and adjure all allegiance and fidelity" to Haiti did not do so for love for Haiti.

They trade "their allegiance and fidelity" to Haiti and their Haitian pride for security and comfort in a foreign nation who promised to them something that Haiti could not. They forfeited their Haitian political rights for that.

If you trade your garden for my house; will you later come back to me and lay claim to your garden while keep my house too?

I think that you are trying to have it both ways. I think that is childish!

Our beloved Haitian-born brothers and sisters who traded their Haitians political rights for safety and comfort in an adopted foreign nation are not on the same level with those who remain on the battlefield to endure discomfort, adversities, humiliation and hungers.

They are my heroes.

They deserve honor and our respect.

I believe that Haiti can recover her lost sons and daughters, but it will be done only through respect, national dignity and absolutely not trough coercion and menaces.

Otherwise, I guarantee you that US embassy in Haiti with its US Marines and the like will not be able to protect you. You know the Haitians better than that. Oh! You may have forgotten if you left Haiti for too long!

Rad sal lave an fanmi!

I believe that Haiti will find a reconciled solution to recover her politically lost sons and daughters.

It will be done in respect for those who remain on the battlefield, with national dignity and with forgiveness and love for our beloved brothers and sisters who may have made the wrong choice.

That's the solution that I am exploring!

In about five years, we will reflect on what my grand parents told me was the beginning of a living nightmare for them. In a few days, we are going to celebrate the ¾ of century of what my parents described as the end of the "corvée" they were forced to do during the US Occupation.

If Haitian-born American citizens have no more national pride left in their heart for Haiti what then is their motivation for their obsession with dual citizenship in Haiti?

This week there will be the Second/International Haitian Diaspora Congress in Miami Florida United States.

Let's hope for the best!

My name is not Ayiti Lokal.

I take the name from another Haitian web site (AYITILOKAL.COM) where I read the Oath of Citizenship of the United States.

Call me Andrew (Andy) Thomas.

Ayiti Lokal, August 5 2009, 8:06 AM

Topic: Correction for my last post.

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