I do hope if the government receive the money with the help of...

R. Etienne - July 5 2009, 2:34 PM

I do hope if the government receive the money with the help of Mr. Bill Clinton, they will use that money wisely to lift the country and the people from the mess that they are in...We need to repair the little infrastructure that we have left in the country, built roads to connect the major cities and make the country more inviting and welcome for businesses and tourism to return.

Government leaders and those in the private sector need to stop being greedy, selfish, and mismanagers of Haiti's natural resourses.

It is ashame to see the Dominican Republic moving forward and Haiti backward.

Mr. President Preval, you are an educated man, my questions for you are what have you done for the country?

and what do you plan to do for the country in the remainder of your term?

The inscription on our flag "L'union fait la force" seems to mean nothing to the leaders in Haiti to make the effort to move the country respectfully in the 21st century.


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