Bill Clinton Is Going To Haiti Monday

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Former president Bill Clinton will begin a three-day mission Monday to ensure the world delivers on a $335 million pledge too Haiti.

The pledge was made at a donor conference in Washington.

Clinton said he would encourage international investment by working to improve power supplies, promote clean energy, encourage donors to honor their commitments and highlight both the pain and the promise of Haiti and its economic opportunities.


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Clinton Haiti News, July 2 2009, 6:42 PM

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i hope their did someting good wait the money read more >
Guerline, 2-Jul-09 7:03 pm
I hope that our so call politicians do some thing with that money. Haiti deserves a second chance. read more >
Wesly Mathurin, 2-Jul-09 7:06 pm
I am a United States Citizen married to a Haitian. My husband loves his country and feels for his people and he wants... read more >
Tillie Wells, 2-Jul-09 7:39 pm
President Bill Clinton is one of the good guys. If you think of all the countries that could have used this great mans... read more >
B.j. Murphy-bridge, 2-Jul-09 7:44 pm
There we are again.The Haitian are getting a great donation from the world.Excellent!But are they all coming together... read more >
Max Mills, 2-Jul-09 10:27 pm
Dear Bill! We love you very much and we will love you even more if you manage every single penny of that sumn,because... read more >
Jean, 2-Jul-09 10:56 pm
Je suis tres peinee quand je pense que cette somme ira dans la poche des grands hommes et ne fera pas son cours. On ne... read more >
Gathie, 3-Jul-09 12:36 am
Way to go Mr President. I always know that Bill Clinton is a true Black man from the inside even when his skin color... read more >
Tony, 3-Jul-09 6:57 am
Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press, 3-Jul-09 6:58 am
Haitians seem to be making a big deal on a $335 million some masters promised to Haiti as if it is an extraordinary... read more >
Tiba, 3-Jul-09 8:30 am
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