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The Haitian Immigrant Elites are enemies of progress and civilizations and MINUSTAH should stop protecting those crooks.

All those repugnant elites made Haiti become a country of shame like Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Many people believe if Palestine can become a state one day, Haiti will be a true state, for those crooks are from those middle eastern countries.

Others argue that the Haitian elites are composed with a bunch of light skinned African Americans from America who settled in Haiti under the Geffrard's presidency in 1860 to 1864 before African-Americans became emancipated.

People believe that if African Americans could have a better life, Haitians in Haiti would have a better life too. Light skinned African Americans in America are colonizers for all dark skinned African Americans.

The light skinned African Americans had slaves like the mulattoes in Saint-Domingue so you could understand how those crooks are related together.

I think that we need another revolution to bring social justice to all Haitians.

We need the black pigs that Brandt, Mews, Madsen, Accra, Ben Biggio had made others kill them under the conspiracy of Duvalier for the importation of some pink pigs. The local elites were scared of those pigs, but Haitians must rely on their machetes to start this revolution one day. All Haitians need to arm themselves with their machetes for that big day. We will not change regime, but the state of Haiti will be changed for real...

Dessalines The Avenger, February 12 2010, 11:57 PM

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