Voodoo is terrible, I am witness of what voodoo can do; you...

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Voodoo is terrible,

I am witness of what voodoo can do; you can be the most intellectual people in the world, voodoo might make you forget how to spell your name. Can't have a job, can't persue your dream, money flies in your hand like air in the sky etc. If you ever feel this way, just move away. Change your environment as soon as you can. Some Haitians are jealous for every positive steps you make in your lifetime; Voodoo should be destroyed because it has destroyed lives and families in a large scale.

How come you want to kill or eliminate somebody for his talents and skills?

As tall as a mountain, my enenies pile up just because God has blessed me with some skills.

My family and I hide and stay away from many groups of people so we can have a chance to move on with our lives.

I was born in Church, Grow up in church, innocent about voodoo all the way. In my late thirties, I found out that some people in church involve in voodoo.

I had to make lots of adjustments with my life, landing far away in the west. Haitians living in the State of Connecticut are the worst in Voodoo.

Stay away from Connecticut.

I have lived there for 14 years, being part of the Haitian community, some of these people are really devils.

They are young and educated, you would never think that these educated college graduates do not involve in voodoo.

They are capable of doing some terrible things to somebody's life.

Robert M. St Fleur, June 25 2009, 6:10 AM


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So Tiba you are telling us; as much as you hate God (Christianity) and yet you are afraid of Voodoo??? read more >
Bbking Love Jesus, 24-Jun-09 2:08 pm
My father use to say (before he died) that, "if Vodou has all that power, why are so many Haitians poor?" As I've said... read more >
Linda, 24-Jun-09 4:32 pm
Linda I've heard a lot people make the exact comment about voodoo. Personally, my view is different. From what I've... read more >
Zac, 24-Jun-09 9:36 pm
Voodoo is terrible, I am witness of what voodoo can do; you can be the most intellectual people in the world, voodoo... read more >
Robert M. St Fleur, 25-Jun-09 6:10 am
Hugues Sanon, I hope you are not smoking crack cocain, or any other brain impairment drugs. You said " as much as you... read more >
Tiba, 25-Jun-09 9:05 am
Linda, I keep asking myself that same question your father was asking, till this day. You would think that all... read more >
Tiba, 25-Jun-09 9:16 am
Robert M. St Fleur, I say "Amen e Insiswatil" to that! According to a research that I've done on vood in order to... read more >
Tiba, 25-Jun-09 9:37 am
It's not only in Connecticut. For example in New York, specially Brooklyn/Long Island/Queens, they are all types. They... read more >
Soleil, 25-Jun-09 12:54 pm
I want to let you know that Connecticut especially in Stamford and Bridgeport, There are a few voodoo priests. The... read more >
Robert M. St Fleur, 25-Jun-09 1:56 pm
Robert, when i lived in Florida i used to hear all kinds of stories from Haitians about mystical things that were... read more >
Zac, 25-Jun-09 2:06 pm
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