SC GOP leader wants unfaithful gov's resignation

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Falling from grace is what you get when using the name of God in vain, The Republican Party better know as "The hypocritical Party" is losing another one of their members on adultry charges once again.

These radical, fanatic, extremist self rightious cronies spend all their time forcing their religious moral and values down other people's throats in the name of God, cannot practice what they preach.

These repugnant republicans are a bunch of liars, cheaters, homo, haters, who think that are better than everyone else. They claim to be the only onse who are in direct contact with God. When they talk you may believe that they have God's telephone number, his fax number, God's e-mail address and God's P.O.Box address.

Don't you guys think it is now time that these hypocrit republicans shut up since they cannot walk the walk and talk the talk?

In my personal opinion, I think every single one of the republicans need heavy duty psychotherapy treatment.

These people are mentally sick.

This scumbag who is the governor of South Carolina took off all the way to Argentina with his mistress for 2 days and nobody in his government knew where he was, not even his wife. There was no contact whatsoever.

Just read the article and see for yourselves.

Tiba, June 25 2009, 5:52 PM

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