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I hold no grudges, I had already moved on to other fruitless and nonesense topics as that's what the blog is all about.

However, I don't want to move away from a serious and very important matter like ecounraging you to pursue your education ambition.

It's like the old saying goes "Knowledge is power."

I understand you read a lot and I am encouraging you to keep doing that. However,, regardless how much you read and how much time you spend in the library to keep improving your vocabulary, there is nothing more meaningful as getting a college degree.

Everything you want to do like getting a job a better job, etc...the degree will always the first inline to check and take into consideration.

Saying to an employer that you spend a lot of time in the library reading and you read many many books will not cut it because that cannot prove the level of your education as well the diploma/the degree can.

If you are still young, do not put it up for later.

I started my education journey very late in my life and just ended up with a master's degree a couple of years ago. Even though I am intellectually bankrupt, but the master's degree/diploma still telling employers and the world that I am a genius.

You get my drift?

If you are living in the United States, I would really encourage you to go to the community college in your town or city and apply for the Fall semster.

Here in U.S. you don't need co-signers and credit history to get Stafford loans (government loans).

If you can and able to support yourself finacially while going to school then you might not need to go after government student loans, but you will still be qualified for Financial Aid.

The Financial Aid comes from 2 different sources: 1) Pell Grant, you get that from the federal government and it's free. You never have to pay it back to the government.

2) It's (TAP) Tuition Assistance Program, and you get that from your state, the stae you live in. That too is free. You will never have to pay it back.

Between the 2 you will have more than enough to pay tuition and for books.

Depending on the state you live in, you would get between 46 to 50 thousand dollars between loans and finacial aid available to you to complete just your bachelor degree (BS, BA).

If you want to go beyond a bachelor degree and you want to go, for example, to get your master's, then you will no longer get the Pell Grant from the federal government, you may only get the (TAP) which could be just a few dollars maybe 2 to 350 dollars from the state.

And that's where you will have no choice but to take Stafford student loans.

This is all a very simple easy process.

All you need to do is go to the college you want to attend and they will help you apply and fill out all of the necessary applications and forms, and poof, voila! and you all set to go. No sweat!

Tiba, May 29 2009, 5:34 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Zac I hold no grudges, I had already moved on to other fruitless and nonesense topics as that's what the blog is all... read more >
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