Zac, I'm glad you start putting more serious thoughts about...

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I'm glad you start putting more serious thoughts about pursuing your college education.

Since you make reference about talking to military recruiters to join the military, am I right to say that you're living in the United States and that you are still also a young man?

If so, then getting a college degree for you is just a matter of time. You are a very intelligent young man with a brilliant mind, and you'd be dammed to waste it.

Since I was born, my dream was to be a layer.

I lived and breathed the idea of being a lawyer.

Unfortunately, I had to put that dream on hold for many years in order to take my responsibility and providing for my family.

I felt as though it would be selfish for me to deprive my family of the basic necessities to survive while I am going to school.

I went back to school late in my life and had to start from square one again because the education that I got from Haiti was not enough to take me straight to college here. I had to get a GED and then go to college, and I ended up with a master's degree in social work.

It would have taking me a little more time to get my law degree, but more specifically, I would have to commute 1 hour and half to the next city to attend school because there isn't a law school in my city. I used the extra time it would have taken me to complete my law degree and the traveling distance as justification not pursue my dream and reason for taking instead social work.

Till this day I am daunted for chosing social work over law school.

I really feel that I betrayed myself big time. It just too late for me to go to law school.

Hey, Zac, there is something that you really need to know about college.

Don't wait until you fugure out what you really want to with you life and what career choice you would like to embark on before deciding to go to college.

It is okay if you don't know now or if you have note made any decision to pick one thing to major in amongst maybe 2, 3, 4, ideas that you have. You will have plenty of time to make a decision.

Studies have shown college students change majors at least 5 times before sticking with one by the time they graduated.

And if you are faced with this dilemma, I would strongly advice you that you major in "Liberal Arts", why?

Because you can get almost all of your credits trasferred when you finally make the decision what exactly you want to major in.

A college material like yourself, always remember that earning a college degree is key to your success in this modern world we live in. It is said that soon a bachelor degree will be required to flip burgers at McDonald's.

Tiba, May 30 2009, 11:30 AM

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Zac, I'm glad you start putting more serious thoughts about pursuing your college education. Since you make reference... read more >
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