Tiba and Linda thanks for your great advice. I've really been...

Zac - May 29 2009, 11:20 PM

Tiba and Linda thanks for your great advice.

I've really been thinking about going to school, one of my closest friends from high school just got his bachelor in political science this year. He already plans to go to law school in the fall.

Four years ago when my parents wouldn't support me in going abroad for school I told them I didn't want to go to college anymore.

The truth is I just wanted to get them angry, and it worked (lol).

I did plan to go within a year or two but it's been four year now.

I have to say Tiba you are right a diploma is really important, a few months ago I was looking for a job. I found out that it's almost impossible to get a stable decent paying without a college degree.

You always have to start at the lowest entry level.

Recently I was considering whether i should join the Military or go to school I went and spoke to a recruiter then i realized maybe it is not the best path. So now I'm just focusing on taking care of few things before i start looking at schools.

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