Aristide has done a good job with the army.

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I am aware that our army has defeated the French in 1804. At that time, the army was fighting against slavery which stood upon deaths or lives.

After that marvelous victory, the army has shown unprofessionalism from east to west, and north to south etc. Reinstituated that army will cause more damages to the country ever than before.

The army was never considered a protection for the people from all over the island.

Instead, that army enjoyed involving in crimes that normal people could have hard times believing such actions erected against human beings.

I was born on the Duvalier regime; I left the country at 26 years old. During my 26 years of existense living in the island, the army never helped in any way. The high ranks lived well with their family; neighbors could not even talk to their children, or ordinary people could not even look at their houses, their cars, or touch their outside walls.

A simple mistake like that can cause the death of an innocent individual etc. The soldiers were out of control; they enjoyed hurting people just for fun. They arrested people just because that individual has a pretty wife; or that particular person made their children mad at something.

The soldiers might kill somebody and take over his/her house and nobody can talk about it etc. They refused to pay at the corner stores, do not pay for taxi, or anything else; otherwise somebody might get killed.

Aristide did a marvelous job by eliminating that army. He should be rewarded for doing such a smart move. We are not living in 1804; stop dreaming.

After 200 years, one should know what's working or not; the army is dangerous, and contagious for the little island.

We only need a special force to defend the nation in time of war. 1804 is the only major war Haiti has known; wake up, stop living in the past. Look forward in order to see the light.

Anyone who wishes the army to come back is nothing than a terrorist, an enemy of Haiti; a dangerous citizen, and finally an individual with no vision.

robert magic st fleur

Robert Magic St Fleur, April 19 2006, 10:44 PM

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Ayisyen Patriyot, 9-Sep-06 4:15 pm
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Leas Jeunes D Haiti, 22-Sep-06 1:53 am
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