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You have the same problem than Aristide.

You cannot make the difference between an institution and its members.

And this is why we keep making mistakes after mistakes and the entire world is laughing at us like we are one crazy nation without directions.

For example: President Preval is the president of Haiti.

He is therefore an important member of an institution called "The Presidency of Haiti".

You can exile a president, make a coup d'etat etc..

But you cannot destroy the "Presidency of Haiti" which is an institution guaranteed by the constitution of 1987 vote by the Haitian people by referendum( which becomes the law of the land).

In other words.

People go, institutions remain.

You can fire the entire personel of the Haitian Army. But you will never be able to destroy the institution which guaranteed by the constitution of the country.

If you do so, you will open the door to the destruction of other institutions.

And believe me if the "Presidency of Haiti as an institution is destroyed, Aristide would cry like a baby.

You mention Aristide's action as a smart move. We describe it as a "stupid mistake".

The objective of Arisitide was to get rid of the army in order to create his own paramilitary groups such as "The Chimeres" and the "ADS".

Aristide should follow "Papa Doc".

Papa doc did not detroy the army, he used it while creating his own paramilitary group "The Tonton Macoutes"/ VSN. An organization that Aristide had known very well, because his father was a zealous member of this criminal organization.

You do not use the constitution to do your own things.

You have to respect the law of your own land. and that, will gain you respects where ever you would go.

Leas Jeunes D Haiti, September 22 2006, 1:53 AM

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You have the same problem than Aristide. You cannot make the difference between an institution and its members. And... read more >
Leas Jeunes D Haiti, 22-Sep-06 1:53 am
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