The army gave birth to some devils

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Jocelyne, I appreciate your inputs very much and I wish most people could read it.

That army has given birth to some devils like Raoul Cedras who kicked out the President elected by the Haitian people (Aristide) generated more than 100 millions dollars.

He is living rich in Panama with his family near by the nicest beach in the country where he is protected by the highest security system.

The Haitian people were suffering, unable to feed their children in any way while Raoul Cedras had a private market at his house where he just could grab any of his favorite drinks without leaving his secret nest.

Henry Nanphy who kicked out Manigat to generate his millions, left the country with his family, living large in other land where our money is spending in other societies.

Prosper Avril, Acedius St Louis and all the others are devils who see for themselves.

After generating millions of dollars, they just left the island in order to enjoy their millions in other lands.

The old army people are the ones who rape, rob, and spread panic after Aristide tried to stop them from ruling the country.

However, Aristide was not prepared for their attack, this is the reason why he is in South Africa right now. That army sould never come back on the scene.

Robert Magic St Fleur, April 25 2006, 11:02 AM

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