What kind of women do you have 24/7 because your language is...

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What kind of women do you have 24/7 because your language is very interesting.

For a man who deals with women 24/7 at least those women could at least teach you some good language usage.

Not because people use bad languague when expressing themselves about women means that they are any-women in the contrarary, they are with women all the times, they use them as door steps to get what they want because the women they frequent are women with low self esteam who will obey to what ever they want;that is the exact reason why you feel that Mrs Pierre Louis should act rapidly forgetten that she has a boss and she has memmbers of the parlement that she has to propose to.

Listen Mrs Pierre Louis is not a friend, not a girld friend, not a sister or a mother to me. You are wrong.

Simply I feel that most of men like you are afraid of powerful women and most of the time you always bring your crisics firstand reraly any support.

I strongly feel that it is not fair and this should stop.But what is so interesting is that you are so afraid and you can't even say who you are. why not stand behind your words.

Be a man who is so controlling of women that he could have them 24/7 so this explains why you do not even work; you are around women all the times.

As far as myself not knowing about politics you must be dreaming for you do not even remimber who I am and the only reason you can say that is because you are always around negative women and not powerful ones. That take you wherever and give you whatever you want. Listen Ti papa mete d'lo na du vin ou! I am not use the the kind of politics you know. The kind to pretend that you can give banana, rice and milk to the people.

You sees as far as I am concerned, I believe in the kind of politics where after I am no longer around the people would be independent and have the knowledges to do for themselves.

Like teaching them how to plant, to sow, to do mecanics to become real doctors that can be competitive with the world so when graduates he can practice anywhere and be as competent as any other doctor in the world.

The kind of politics I trust is the one that will give the same priviledge to all not for those close to me or family members.

That is why I can't never be among those of you who think so negative of powerful women not to say that all powerful women are great.

but I am talking about the true ones who greatly beleive that it is ashame for Haiti is where it is today in 2008 where we are depending on the international comunities to bring us help for few months and that we will fall back again and again to the first place we begun.

To me it is not the kind of politics I want to practice.

Mutual Respect is very important to me and It must be a practice among all for that rason alone I will not stand for anyone to difame anyone they do not know. It could be your own mother or your sister I would not allow that. So my man you have to take a grip of yourself not me because you are son emotional that it calls for petty.

You are proud of who you are because you "vohe monte" but with no identity and you demand answers.

That proves the kind of person you are a "lache" hidding behind as you throw your rock. Now how do you feel do you have more to say?.

To conclude: Mrs Pierre Louis did what she was suppose to do by going to see the damages on time and you see God protected her and she is OK. I suggest that if you know more than her than grab your pen and ask for her demission.Why wasting your time writing those word of attack.

It is easy you seem to have a way of getting away with anything and you jump when you do not get it as fast as you can. Well did you ever learn that patience is bitter but its fruits are very sweet?.

If you did not know that, then, keep it close to your heart and it will do you a lot of good.

Bye my bother!

Colette Jacques, October 26 2008, 10:21 PM

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