Listen Let's be serious, I think as a woman entering to Power...

Colette Jacques - October 23 2008, 11:04 PM

Listen Let's be serious, I think as a woman entering to Power she took on the responsibility at heart by going to visit the affected areas after the hurrracaine.

I think to me this was a great start.

You see it was the same for Me when I was letting Haitians know on Tel National how to use condom you brobably took a big laugh you probably taught it was a joke that is why they called Madam Kapot well you thaught I was joking but I was ser1ous.

Haitans needed to be educated about AIDS prevention.

and look at now what is going on. Every one is making money and are not afraid of saying the worrd condoms because it is on their advantage yet 100 time mor people are getting affected.

I hope and pry that Mrs Pierre Louis does not let the bid pal of problemS stand in her way of doing the little she can do to make a difference.

a permanente change and people like you that will make her do good that if this in her agenda.

If you know mRS pIERE lOUIS WELL enough to laugh so educate me it seems that you know her better that I do. be my light so far I can only talk about what I see and red.and as a woman who have been victimized by people who either are jalous or simply do not know me I had to put a stop to this kind of abuse.

Come on Do you have a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a nice, or even a wife that is intelligent and perharps can do better that the average?

think about it Is that a reason to laugh at their position.

Please let's grow up and bring our hands to the pot to help our MOTHER,, My mother, Michelle Pierre Louis's mother your mother HAITI to a better way of life. shal we?

Colette Jacques

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