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Inflation is an important factor in the Haitian Economy.

But there are other problems that explain the situation we are facing in Haiti right now.

The priority of priorities is to put people at work. We need to start thinking about economic projects first.

We need to do some brainstorming and come up with different economic projects that can be implemented in all the geographic departments of Haiti.

Each department has its own natural resources and its own potential for development.

We need to have some experts in assessing, designing, implementing and evaluating such economic projets.

We need to make sure those projects while giving jobs to the citizen of each department are also capable of generating profit.

If we can give jobs to at least 60% of the haitian working force, the country will be able to overcome other obstacles more easily.

Food can be expensive, but there will be money to buy food, Most of the time, the problem is not the price of the product.

The problem is that people cannot afford to buy the product because they do not have any money to buy it.

We also need to come with a plan to promote local products.

A huge mediatic campaign should emphasized the value of our agricultural products.

We need to eat more mangos and stop importing apples.

We need to have a plan to encourage the production of corn, rice, plantains, sugar cane. We need to encourage people to develop farms.

We need to go back to our local chicken and turkey.

We need to improve the fishing activities: equipment, storage, transport and distribution.

Twenty years ago we were sel-sufficient for food, why not today..

We need to stop importing salt.
We will encourage salt production from Anse-Rouge, Ti Carrenage, Grande Saline and we will establish a distribution system throughout the entire country.

We need to encourage the production of tomatoes and we will stop importing tomato sauce and ketchup.

We will kill many birds with one stone: people who own land will grow the products, sell them and make money and the agro-industry sector will be flourishing and will create thousand of jobs. We will spend less money because we will reduce our import.

We will need less US currency.

We will stop the depreciation of our national gourde vs the U.S dollar.


Consequently the citizens will pay their taxes.

The entrepreneurs will pay their taxes.

The gouvernement will have enough resources to provide the basic services: waste disposal, water, electricity, more police officers in the street, health care and good public schools.

The local structures mentioned in the constitution of 1987 (Assembly and Council of Department ) need to be functional to enable the process of decentralization and establish a system of control and local participation...

This is not a plan but just some ideas
that others can finalized.

They represent the sincere contribution of a patriot in the actual debate of the devolepment of Haiti.

Trebu Patriote, January 10 2007, 3:07 AM

Topic: Economic situation in haiti

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Inflation is an important factor in the Haitian Economy. But there are other problems that explain the situation we... read more >
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Robert P. Toussaint, 10-Jan-07 3:26 pm
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