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The Haitian-Americans should participate in the reconstruction of Haiti.

You are welcome to be part of it and this is the right thing to do.

You are the best.

Some of the Haitians think that they are too educated to be part of the reconstruction.

The young Haitian- Doctors, Engineers, Teachers in the United States, Canada, and France will land in Haiti to beat up the complexity they are cooking in their mind.

Everybody should work hard; carry the stones, bring water etc. It's not about the uneducated in the streets.

The profeesional should do the first step for the work to be successful.

The sons and daughters of Preval and the Ministers should be part of the reconstruction and all social classes should show up for this holy event.


Robert Magic, January 10 2007, 2:06 PM

Topic: Economic situation in haiti

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Are you kidding me? Inflation is like a cancer to an economy. Unless inflation is mediated, there will be no positive... read more >
Nate, 9-Jan-07 8:46 am
I was very clear and blunt with my response. Basic necessities are not produce by Haitians, How can you control prices... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 9-Jan-07 9:56 am
Jolibois you are smart, and you know what you are talking about, as you said to fight inflation you have to produce... read more >
Kid On The Block, 9-Jan-07 8:03 pm
Reducing inflation does require laying out the foundations. Inflation is not only a word. It is what has the haitian... read more >
Nate, 9-Jan-07 11:29 pm
Nathan, je prend la liberte de repondre a ta question addressee au President...Tu sais tres bien que tu n'auras pas... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 10-Jan-07 2:41 am
Inflation is an important factor in the Haitian Economy. But there are other problems that explain the situation we... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 10-Jan-07 3:07 am
Several international economist that I have spoken to understand the situation like I have explained it before. I know... read more >
Nate, 10-Jan-07 1:21 pm
C'est dificile pour moi de m'exprimer en francais en ecrisant. Je m'excuse pour cela. Mais, I hope the president is... read more >
Nate, 10-Jan-07 1:28 pm
The Haitian-Americans should participate in the reconstruction of Haiti. You are welcome to be part of it and this is... read more >
Robert Magic, 10-Jan-07 2:06 pm
Brother, I realy take a great to read you, because we are on the same page. By creating jobs, people will be able to... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 10-Jan-07 3:26 pm
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