The Haitian Economy

Nate Says...

Are you kidding me?

Inflation is like a cancer to an economy.

Unless inflation is mediated, there will be no positive changes in the lives of haitians.

If you were to offer roads, electricity and landlines to the population versus being able to drastically reduce the price of the goods which they buy, guess which one they will pick. Haitians will cope with broken down roads and no electricity for a short-term period.

However, the ideas of not being able to eat due to the high prices of goods is unnacceptable.

If we are able to cut the prices of goods in half --not even, I would say by a third-- I would totally guarantee you the utmost gratitude of the haitian people.

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Are You Kidding Me? Inflation Is Like A Cancer To An Economy. Unless Inflation Is Mediated, There Will Be No Positive Changes In The Lives Of Haitians. If You Were To Offer Roads, Electricity And Landlines To The... Nate 01/09/2007
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