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Nate - January 10 2007, 1:21 PM

Several international economist that I have spoken to understand the situation like I have explained it before.

I know that the country is confronted with many obstacles.

We do need to tackle many things simultaneously.

Some people think that we can find an easy solution and others do not. Inflation topples the law of supply and demand.

When prices of things go up, demands go down. However, inflation strike at this law because the goods that are supplied are indispensable.

In the U.S., Inflation is the most respected economic indicator.

If inflation is not controlled, the U.S. can easilly fall into the same situation as Haiti.

It is that scary! As we think about security, jobs and national infracstructures, such as roads and government buildings, we need to place the control of inflation at the high-end of our thoughts.

If the prices are too high, people won't have the luxury to spend, which means that economy will never grow.

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