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Michel Martelly is going to tax money transfers to Haiti,international calls to Haiti,the borlette lottery in Haiti.All the bordellos known as cafees or maison de joie will pay taxes,the prostitutes and the johns will... more »
Taxe Control Transparency, 04/27/11 7:29 AM

Tax high all importations of foods and control the customs' activities through good governance to generate revenues as proposed by Jynnee. One dollar per $100 spent from the Diaspora is nothing and those blood suckers... more »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/27/11 12:19 AM

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sharply criticized the Western coalition attacking Libya on Tuesday, saying it had neither a right nor a mandate to kill Moammar Gadhafi. Putin said the... more »
Reuters, 04/26/11 5:40 PM

According to France International Radio, Africans are suffering from kidney failure in great numbers after consumming for over 3 decades (30 yrs)imported foods from America. If you have been eating those... more »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/26/11 5:23 PM

People that smoke crack,cocaine and taking other so called recreational drugs may appear well for a short period of time but will eventually succumb to temptation when monies,opportunities and ambiance are present. The... more »
Phony Detox Concern, 04/26/11 3:33 PM

Martelly needs to create jobs (police,construction,cleaning) the money is there.Put the guns down and get a 9 to 5. Haitians back home need to work like everybody period. So they do not have time for... more »
Sebastian, 04/26/11 3:20 PM

Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti and 5 cents more for every minutes you talk when you call Haiti. 1)phone in Haiti is already more expensive than in most country 2)Wire transfer in... more »
Sebastian, 04/26/11 10:29 AM

That is the only reason they have never attempted to blog Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. out; yes they can do that they do have the right to do this even with the Haitian treasure in their hands; they are always thinking of... more »
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 04/26/11 8:28 AM

If you are bleeding while brushing your teeth you have developped an allergic reaction to the fluoride present in your toothpaste. Most of the toothpastes on store shelves have fluoride on them except this one called... more »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/26/11 12:31 AM

Large Hadron Collider rumoured to have found God Particle and if this is true it will be the end of all religions and professional parasites like the clergy. more »
Scientific Obsever, 04/26/11 12:22 AM