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Merci Katia for speaking the truth IT WAS SO WELL SAID I HAD TO POST IT "most of the time, you cannot even afford to sustain life here on that little paycheck...sometimes your paycheck is only %75 worth of your... more »
Sebastian, 04/30/11 10:27 AM

Haitians are Lazy. That is why the country is so poor. Haitians in the diaspora work night and day while Haitians at home play Domino. Le yo besouen lajan yal fe zenglendo ak kidnapping. All they can say is give me... more »
Sebastian, 04/30/11 10:04 AM

Haitien si vicieux que nou fe business ak mize nou. Li mennen blan vin fe foto Mr blanc gade kadav banm kob gade fatra banm kob gade moun sal banm kob more »
Sebastian, 04/30/11 9:56 AM

If you have not please go watch "GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL" on you tube more »
Sebastian, 04/30/11 1:42 AM

Aide toi le ciel t'aidera. Haitians at home should do kombit once a month to clean Port-au-Prince. What do you think more »
Sebastian, 04/30/11 1:27 AM

If Martelly plans to tax imports in Haiti, that means that he is taxing American businesses who have for a long time had all sort of tax freebies in Haiti. This is a dangerous undertaking and these big businesses will... more »
Linda, 04/29/11 5:46 PM

Regarding that $1 tax, lets be realistic. We do not want dreams we want solid plans and this is not a plan. We're not West Germany supporting East Germany. Haitians in he Diaspora cannot support Haitians in Haiti... more »
Sebastian, 04/29/11 4:58 PM

This Sweet Micky potentially is a disaster waiting to happen in every respect but let wait and see if he will deceive our expectation of him.Only time will tell. more »
Robert. C, 04/29/11 1:00 AM

List of political parties in Haiti ADEBHA Action Democratique Pour Batir Haiti ALAH Alliance Pour La Liberation Et L'avancement D'hait APPA Afe Peyisan Ak Pep Ayisyen ARH Alliance Pour La Renaissance D'haiti CDSH... more »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/27/11 7:53 PM

25% of their profits should be given to the government or the Haitian National Bank will take over to wire money at 50% of the price they charge to all Haitians in the Diaspora. 25% on their profits or they will face... more »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/27/11 7:02 PM