The return of Duvalier

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In my opinion, i think you are insulting haiti if you are seriously considered Duvalier return to Power unless you are a close friend or you wish to have benefits from him again..

I think you are selfish and you have no respect of your nationality and the haitian people.

and being objectives, you will never wish his return because everything we are suffering today, is part of his misleadership..

I respect democracy and i respect you as fellow and i am sure you will bring yourself to conscious and without any fanatism and a clear mind maybe you will come to an objective and different point of view

Now, would you please answer those questions?

What would you do if you were the president of country?

What Duvalier has been doing the last 15 years, Did he go back to school or university to learn about managing public administration beacuse it was a disaster when we reviewed his government.

Has he prepared himself better now..

Does he have a plan to develop the country.

Did he regret what he did in past.

Now yourself, are you familiar with haitian situation...

and again what would be your plan for the security concerns..

As I may point out including myself...

we haitian like to judge people without vision, we destruct everything and the word contruction does not exist in our vocabulary, we do not suggest anything we change everything so we have started again ond over again from the beginning like we have done the last 200 years, we are considered ourselves as experts and bottom line when we face reality we do worst than the formers..

Well my friend please answer those questions and change your vision, maybe you should open your mind and being constructive for a better future tomorrow not only your future or the Duvalier group but the entire haitian population who are suffering now beacuse of idiots who call themself experts..

Please let the president quiet, let him do his job.or Help me do it..

be part of it, stop being destructive...

make good suggestions and valid point..

do not waste your time.why has not Duvalier invested some of the millions he robbed from us. Where would you start the developpement of our country, I guess you do not know and you were an expert like all of us right..

Have a nice Day

Rubennz Guzman, November 29 2006, 4:28 PM

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Bruce, 30-Nov-06 12:01 am


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