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This is an SOS to Doctor Feel Bad. You expertise and intervention are badly needed on this blog. Thanks to your skill, Dessalines the Avenger and Paul G Magloire were put in straight jacket and have been hospitalized... more »
Magdalena Lamercie Perez, 05/05/11 9:14 AM

Agent-X will be leaving next hour to Eastern Europe and will return Friday night May 6th 2011. Leave your messages. more »
Agent X, 05/03/11 10:29 PM

Some Middle Eastern Snake oil salesmen claimed that they just find the birth certificate of Jesus Christ and the Noah's Ark. They approached a not so bright fellow named Rivel to sell the birth certificate and the... more »
Baal Naberius Rosier, 05/03/11 12:43 PM

During a mythical operation on 05-01-2011,the US Marines killed Clement Barbo,Francois Duvalier,Adolphe Hitler,Elvis Presley,Bob Marley and Dracula.Someone stole Dracula's body. The rest of them were quickly buried on... more »
Bouki, 05/02/11 11:14 PM

Michel Martelly will be taxing the poor Haitians that are working in the USA, Bahamas, Canada and elsewhere is his first political blunder. The money he has allocating for the military should have been allocated to... more »
Agent-x, 05/02/11 6:28 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre,Says I believe he will keep his word like a man,not like the bastard Aristide and the bitch Preval,whom they fuck the population in the ass for years. 11111111111111111111111 Agent X,Says The... more »
Agent X, 05/02/11 4:50 PM

A deal has been made to deliver Guy Phillipe to the US by the second week of July 2011. We still have to find out what Sweet Micky got from the deal. more »
Angelina G, 05/02/11 1:52 AM

1-Let's pass a law and sterilized all poor woman after a second pregnancy 2-Lets pass a law and make monthly kombit mandatory 3-Let's pass a law and make it mandatory that before entering the free university all kids... more »
Sebastien, 05/01/11 11:37 PM

We undersigned are master of your destiny.We will control your customs and taxation. We will not be subject to any taxation by you and any government who dare to taxes us will be overthrow in a speedy manner by us. We... more »
Mr. Goldenberg, 04/30/11 5:05 PM

The five well known flatters, parasites professional and ti grand gou on Preval blog be aware that AgentX is back on the blog more »
Agent X, 04/30/11 2:09 PM