The Failed Haitian Diaspora

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Dear Sir:

Haiti has the longest continuous relationship (over 200 years) with the USA in the Western hemisphere.

So you would assume that in the 55+ years that the Diaspora has been living in the USA they would have established strong political ties that benefit their homeland.

They do not.

In comparison to African, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern diasporas they appear as amateurs.

Their effectiveness is virtually nil in establishing and directing American actions to the favor of Haiti.

So why is this?

What did they do wrong for so long and why haven't they changed direction?

They made five very critical mistakes:

1. The completely linked themselves politically with black Americans and their concerns.

They saw the fight for better race relations as their primary role and blindly signed on to anything said or actions/positions taken by the black leadership in the USA over the decades.

2. They blindly follow and vocally espouse the Northeast liberal ideology on social issues.

3. They are nearly 100% Democrat in their voting and viewpoints.

They are vocally opposed to the Republicans and "whites" in general.

4. They congregated and remain in only two areas of America.

5. They view America as imperialists who want to rape Haiti of supposed riches and therefore do not want America in Haiti at all.

Contrast this with Asian, Mexican, Jewish and Arab diasporas.

All of them are geographically dispersed, split their votes between the parties 20/80% to 40/60%, have not linked themselves with any overly vocal, antagonistic groups, and remain split on social agenda issues.

These five mistakes have made them largely ineffective in getting the USA to move on Haiti's critical infrastructure needs.

Oh yes, Haiti receives more financial aid than any other Caribbean nation but Haiti is also ranked in the bottom 1 percent of all nations for government corruption so that number is meaningless.

Haiti is simply a line item, once the check is written it is quickly forgotten and the money squandered.

But the Diaspora wants just that. The don't want America in Haiti and so American stays out and Haiti pays the price.

The Haitian Diasporas have gone through evolution in thought and actions but these critical mistakes hold true and steadfast across all generations.

The original Diaspora of the 1950s (with ages now in their 70s - 90s) thought they were different from black Americans and instructed their children to avoid them. Many did physically but not mentally.

They found a ready friend in the likes of black militants and their hate for the evil, white American imperialists.

They found a mental link with black Americans and their hate for the "racist" Republican Party and they followed black Americans by blindly signing on as Democrats.

It was militant black Americans that shaped the original Haitian Diaspora in thought and in their minds confirmed that the evil white man was to blame for their predicament.

They weren't militant in action; only bonded like twins mentally.

Interestingly, on the physical side, they were far more likely to date and even marry whites than black Americans.

The Diaspora remained in Miami and New York. Although Haitians are lightly spread out across other major cities the "progressive" Diaspora are New Yorkers.

The children (now in their 50s) of the original Diaspora made the next critical mistake and totally accepted the liberal ideology fermenting in the Northeast.

They became very vocal and accepting of the social concerns on homosexuality, abortion, drugs, sex, etc. Their parents objected but firmly believed that they had to accept anything said by the Democrat leadership and allowed the children to jump full force into these areas.

The grandchildren (now in their 20s - 30s) are rabid, in your face, social elitists.

They have very little in common with their grandparents other than they continue to reinforce their critical mistakes.

They have virtually no mental connection with their relatives in Haiti other than to encourage them to send their children to northeast liberal colleges that espouse their very American social agenda.

Their life is all about the "social ideology" of the Democrat party.

In other words, the Diaspora is pigeon holed by the rest of America as black activists who "Hate America First", oppose the "white" man, and remain secluded.

This makes them ineffective in American society except for the small, far left, fringe that comprises under 10 percent of the population.

They haven't led, but followed, and followed blindly the wrong groups, issues, and political positions.

They are marginalized and without voice other than the one provided by white American elitists when they can be used to point out just how "evil" America is. It is a losing strategy but so ingrained, they are now slaves to the Democrat Party, black leadership, and white elitists.

Without political power, they are simply pawns to these masters.

I see no change in them, and for all this talk about how "helpful" the Diaspora will be in Haiti's future, they are to elitists and inexperienced in the basic elements of society: infrastructure construction.

Their lofty idealism swirls around gay rights for the moment.

That's not high on a Haitians agenda when they don't have clean water, electricity, security or sanitation.

George Grunner, July 19 2008, 10:12 AM

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