YOU STATED: I respect your right to oppose whatever you want...

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YOU STATED: I respect your right to oppose whatever you want to oppose, but you must clearly, logically, and respectfully make your case supporting your argument with evidences (facts, statistics etc.).

I ROZENFE REPLY: As typical of you being the typical stubborn Haitian, no logic, fact or statistic will ever be sufficient enough for you though several times I referred you to go read the Country's latest recent Constitution, old and new.

It is something typically imbedded in many Haitians which is due to pride they lack humbleness to concede to anything and making excuses and play victims have become the norm, how pitiful and a darn shame indeed.

Thus, we are going to end this discussion and given you lack of maturity, a guy like me could never take your words of argument worthy since you feel by calling me with the wrong appropriate name is how you could get to me or insult me. I expected no less from a typical Haitian.

YOu may say the Country do not consider you Haitian, but get what and here is some sarcasm for a joke. You are Haitian and you have proven it with your typical Haitian demeanors.

I have explained to you how the concept of the so called "10Th Department" was adopted and why; but being the typical Haitian selective reader, selective comprehender and I presume selective listener as well...

you pretend and refuse to acknowledge; but unlike you, I am not going to insist you do.

In case you did not know, the AIDS label is still on Haiti and they have managed to try to come up with new Bullshiet evidence to still keep the AIDS label on our heads as Haitians.

YOU STATED: We are born in Haiti, yet we are strangers in our own country.

I ROZENFE REPLY: You may feel like a stranger in Haiti, I do not feel like a stranger at all. Never have felt like one.

YOU STATED: You said you become American citizen by choice, but why! Answer the damned question! Why did you renounce your Haitian nationality?

You must have the balls to answer this question since you have great plan for Haiti.

I ROZENFE REPLY: I told you already and as I have seen that proper reading is not your thing to have seen how I have answered to you this question many times.

Go back and read my replies again and if you still cannot get your answer, well, deal with it as my statement remains as you typed it yourself here and still typically as the Haitian youa re you cannot or fail to understand or comprehend what I meant.

Fortunately, that is not my problem and I am not responsible for your illiteracy and analphabetic issues as this statement is clarified enough even a four year old can get it on the first go...

and the statement is what it says "Because, in the area and the path I am taking to help Haiti requires it. In my mind and view as when the time comes, I feel that it was necessary to become a citizen to reach the desired ranking structure I wish to pursue in my US Military career that I believe in the long run when I am ready to Help Haiti and regain my Haitian citizenship if I wish to do so will be useful and constitutionally I will know what to do when that time comes as to whether or not I might / may re-become a Haitian citizen once again"

Anything else you have to say is irrelevant to me nor to and regarding this discussion as the exchange of words process for this dialogue has just come to its end. Have the last words and have it your way if you wish and may, but this CONVERSATION AND COMMUNICATION TWO WAY CHANEL is terminated...

Will Rosenberg, July 17 2008, 12:23 PM

Topic: More Replies For Your Dual Citizenship Questions.

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