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You stated: Our children according to our laws are not Haitians, is that their fault to be born on foreign soil, why they can not called Haitians! where is the guilt in this situation! Would you call That abandonment?

You say you are half Jew and half Dominican, born in Haiti, but do you know that at the age of 21 you must choose your nationality according to our laws?

The Dominican do not consider any child of Haitian ancestry as Dominican and most of the time the get deported along the illegal workers!

I reply: Read my statement above.

Yes indeed I am part Jewish-Dominicans-Haitian and as it stood before I was a US Naturalized Citizen I still would not have been able to vote or if I was to be able to vote because I was born in Haiti and consider myself Haitian I know I cannot become president or hold certain offices on the land. At 21 I have already known or knew that my contribution to Haiti would have to consist of other things that will not impugned me to give back to Haiti by considering other aspects as I do not expect the constitution to be bent for me or around me. As I stated, I could always apply for a Haitian Citizenship and follow the laws of the constitution and so could your children when they are ready to do so or if you want to go ahead and naturalized them now as Haitian plain and simple; but if I were you i would leave that choice up to them to make when they get older or if they are old enough now.

You stated: According to our laws they are not Haitian either! is that right?

What if USA do the same thing?

Wat would happen to our children here?

The 6 millions Jews slaughtered by Hitler were born in Europe, they did not come from Israel! The old Creole proverb stated beautifully:"the offspring of a tiger is a tiger", why the children of Haitians parents are not Haitians?

tell me! American born overseas are all Americans, Ex: John McCain, born in Panama.

My children are born here in America.

I have property in Haiti, yet they cannot inherit my properties b/c they are not Haitians, they cannot own property there, So all my efforts to buy and built in haiti are in vain unless i sold everything and share the proceed with my kids, Yet their father are Haitian! what a shame?

I am 100% Haitian, born raised, educated in Haiti, carried away by the winds of misery, poverty and violently touched the American shores, where is the guilt! So we should all perish over there! and if we go anywhere to live like a human being we are guilty! That is absurd, and at the same time immoral.

While I am writing this I'm getting upset because what you wrote is very offensive.

Maybe you did not weight your word, you did not mean to cause harm, you wanted to make a point and I give you the benefit of the doubt! But you have to clarify this statement.

I reply: You might need to go look hard and familiarize yourself with the Haitian Constitution as it states the child of a Haitian native parents anywhere is considerably Haitian although some processes are to be due. When you come to the US legally, illegally or granted asylum, is there a law, if any, that forces you to naturalized?

No. such a phase, and stage is pursued, acquired and achieved by your and your choice.

Americans born overseas, most of them are considered dually American and that of the Country they are born in, but more so they are considered Americans if 1. They are born on an American Installation such as an Embassy or military post/base.

2. Because some sovereign countries have their own laws and constitution which do not grant automatic citizenship at birth thus this kid would have to have the citizenship of such of his/her parents.

That is a boldface lie regarding that property statement.

If you have property in Haiti, whether or not your kids are Haitian or not Haitian as long as they are your next of kin on a Will and are your biologically yours they can acquire any inheritance you may leave for them after death given that their names and proper documents are provided to justify and indicate they are your offsprings.

Insensitive or not as this may sound, there are not law or a gun was put to your head to become a Naturalized US American under no circumstances at all what so ever.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, July 16 2008, 6:30 PM

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