Mrs. President Rene Preval i'm your side.

Woodlyne Millien - December 19 2006, 7:05 PM

Dear. Mrs.Rene Preval, president D' Haiti.

I'm really happy you have the chance again to be president of Haiti, the last time you were the president you let President Jean- Bertran, Aristide turned you a round, you let him play with your mind. I was 100% percent in you side the last time, but i still have confidence in you. You will make Haiti a better place where I can one day when I have famillies or friends.

I very pround off my herritage, but at the same time when someone say something nagative about Haiti I feel sad, cried.

I won't let you do the job buy yoursefl president Rene Pravel, I want to help you, because on hand cannot to the job. I known you want to help but some off our people don't really understanding.

I give you a big credit for returned back in want to help Haiti, and that makes you a bigger person in the woldwide world, I 'm thinkfull for that president rene Preval.

I never writer any comment before to anything, wild I was visiting Haiti, webs will be good writer you. I'm a student, leaving In Boston, I will want to be part off that job you doing.

I have ideas to plant a big fundraissing, to Haiti.

I have 5 girls we have meet twice weeks talked about ideas, plant for Haiti, to go to small rural like Port, built a public school with every thing a school need for a kids, And make new marketplace for people to go shooping foods, clothee, other stuff, I choose port-Margort to start with because Port-Margot don't have many people and those people will want o help when there see something doing for village, any ohter reason that my mother form Port- Margot and I born In Cap-Haitien, and fouth off the girls in clud will go defference part Haiti to do some things where there came from. Where we born those people always welcome us back even with go far a way and back later, those always love us back. And I hope when we done saving for these project we hope, we find some help with the gouvernemet D' haiti.

I give some example what need to do first.

Started with group off people and every states in Haiti use young people, like high school, college and grade students to help clearning the street to street, and place trash cane and every city, and ask United State to send us truck to pick up the trash and find a place to put the strash for recycle.

and you need more plantes, greengrass stated plantening in a moutain, parks, schools.

ask United State to proved some school bus for every city form Port- au- Prience to other state to help kids get to school

Please president Rene Prevel I love you from the bottom for my heart your are truth legende, buy your interlligence, well educater.

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