Mrs. Rene Preval you can do it.

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Dear To Whon It May Concern About, Mrs President Rene Preval,
My comment it that, when your writer address with someone surperier there need to address with Mrs, Mr, and Ms. Specaily a President., Vice president ect..., not Ti Rene Preval no on one will never go to Washintong D.C to address president Bush Like that..

Someone whose over you like a president, your boss, elderly person, teacher, We should address them with Mrs, Mr, Ms. (Not Ti) or if that person have number w/ there name and use it.

Woodlyne Millien

Woodlyne Millien, December 19 2006, 7:34 PM

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Dear To Whon It May Concern About, Mrs President Rene Preval, My comment it that,when your writer address with someone... read more >
Woodlyne Millien, 19-Dec-06 7:34 pm
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Woodlyne Millien, 19-Dec-06 8:08 pm
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Noel, 19-Dec-06 8:59 pm
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