I will leave you with a set of basic Wikipedia since this is...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - May 29 2008, 2:23 PM

I will leave you with a set of basic Wikipedia since this is the lowest form of basic search engine for an Elementary scholar such as yourself on word definitions and perhaps may serve as reference tool to cross reference future post.

Since you assumed that my stance on the Afro-Latino theory was my own twisted post, here is the basic preparatory level wikipedia link to your brain capacity level to read on the Afro-Latino subject or perhaps argument you feel there may be existed.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro-Latino When someone post something, before impulsively with instinct like an animal criticize it or even disagree with it, try to cross reference some basic word from that poster's post. Cross reference means, to go study or conduct your own research on the subject that the poster has written about and compare and analyze it with others and then if you still disagree because you have found compelling arguable differences then you reply with your "DEBATE" standing point.

You have to have had at least on your part conducted a thorough investigation yourself to disagree in views based on research that can either contest, contradict with what the other poster may have posted and try first to see if there could have been any miss-interpretation, confusion or misconstrued terminologies on both sides.

One thing the typical "Cretin" Haitian never understands is that. You as a person is entitled to you own opinion, yes, but not your own facts or emotion when debating anything.

Try to at least understand the message that is being conveyed, yours and the poster's, and then you constructively voice your argument with civility and not with your emotion no matter how passionate you may be about the subject itself.

Something most typical Haitians are incapable of doing, I understand...

READING is good for you and reading is not your enemy and if you must argue always try to do it educatedly.


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