You really do have a great sense of humor. Who else but a...

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You really do have a great sense of humor.

Who else but a comedian would take my words and pretend that they are his?

"All "real" Haitians over 45 know that a Marabou is a very Dark skin girl with JET BLACK silky hair."is what I said not what you said.

This is what you said:"Marabou is a term of Haitian origin denoting a Haitian of multiracial ethnicity.

The term describes the offspring of a Black African/European or mulatto and an Amerindian, specifically the native Taíno, born in Haiti."

Come on now Willi boy; you might read, but you only see what you want to in the text. You like much of what's written on Wikipidia have what some in comedy call the eternal "white bias." If it's pretty, it's got to have some white in it. A Marabou's genetic makeup does not have white in it. That is what makes them so beautiful.

It was the pureness of their blackness, including their silky jet black hair that made them the source of great desire in Haitian culture.

Their traits can easily be found in the Western African genetic makeup.

They were not part of the Arawak/Taino lineage.

Had they been, their complexion would have been much more fair, as it would have been if they were mixed with whites.

There was a time in Haiti that Hindus and Ethiopians were represented in our carnival.

The characters were always played by Marabou types.

But, I'm not gonna go on a back and forth with you on this Willi boy, because I want you to keep posting those wonderful made up stuff that you write so well. Come on now, don't let my little reply stop you. I need you to keep making me and my buddies laugh.

George, May 29 2008, 8:35 PM

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You really do have a great sense of humor. Who else but a comedian would take my words and pretend that they are his... read more >
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