Linda & all: Yes we agree to disagree. A nation is made of...

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Linda & all: Yes we agree to disagree.

A nation is made of individuals that can certainly make local changes.

The objective is to harmonize local changes in order to achieve an impact at the national level.

Frankly, I am not refuting your belief that " a strong and progressive national government can change the course of a nation" if and only if given the chance to do so. Taking into account Haitian history, I came out with the conclusion that every time there was a concerted effort within Haiti to establish a " progressive government" the enemies of the Haitian people stepped in to derail it or simply to discredit and dislodge that progressive government.

Now allow me to substantiate.

As early as 1802, when it was apparent that Toussaint Louverture was a progressive and that he intends to establish a progressive government, and not content himself to be a french subject, the enemies of the Haitian people began to plan his demise.

When it became obvious that the charismatic Henry Christophe intends to do much to elevate his people, the enemies again encouraged the mulattoes to attack the Northern Kingdom When it became obvious that even the mulatto jaune Geffrard is not only a progressive but also someone who will uphold the import/export laws, the enemies stroke again by instigating sedition from the Cap-Haitien areas.

President Boisrond Canal, a mulatto of the elite, after a change of heart, found himself in the same predicament as Geffrard.

The enemies of the Haitian people assassinated Cincinattus Leconte because he wanted to bring back the national bank in Haitian hands.

Not to mention Salomon and Hyppolite thanks to Antenor Firmin / Leger Cauvin team were also progressive governments.

And finally we all know the recent story of the anti-progressive gang FRAPH financed by you know who to damp any hope and aspirations that the Haitian people may have. Contrary to popular opinion, Haiti has seen progressive governments; some were short-lived, the rest spend most of their resources fighting the enemy.

We need a new approach to progress.

As for Wycleff Jean, we love him to death.

But if I had the resources and the contacts he has, I would have done things differently.

For the challlenge, I did write it up but after meditation and consultations, it has been decided not too publish it on a public forum since it is core materials.

In Haitian politics, it is a good thing not to say what you going to do and how you are going to do what you are going to do. One of our longest sitting president was a taciturn individual although he wrote and published many articles prior to accessing to the presidency, he never revealed his political doctrine.

On the contrary, JBA just could not stop talking.

The plan will have a core and peripheral elements, The contents of the core can not be discussed openly.

The diaspora plan for Haiti that I and/or other people have called for is a peripheral element that we can all work on together.

Let us worry about implementation a bit later.


Rubens F. Titus, February 3 2008, 9:02 PM

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