Yves, you are one of the few citizens who see the importance...

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Yves, you are one of the few citizens who see the importance of the army in Haiti.

Some people hate the idea to have an army. I agree with you to have a defensive force in Haiti.

If we disolve every institutions who did wrong, there will be none left; this will be complete cahos.Our institutions need reform and not dissolution.

For example we all know how corrupt the juges are. Are we going to disolve all tribunals.The current police force who is doing a good job is invaded by gangsters, drug dealers, kidnappers.

One of our bloggger reported that one of his relative was killed by a policeman and got away with it. Now are we going to disolve the police force?.

Fort Dimanche was one of the worst prison we know. Did we destroyed all the prisons.

Look at all the evil the police here in the US are doing, they even put broom stick in people anus, shoot them at will unprovoked, look at the show "COPS" and see how cruel the american police can be. Do the american government disolve them?

Some member of the diaspora hate the army, but tolerate police brutality and call police on people for "dangrignen".

We need a new proptective force where our young can go to get formation, to learn a trade, to do something for themselves and their family.

When RD soldiers set foof on our soil, those diaspora "bekeke" will stay where they are, because they wil not be taken by force to the bateys.

If the dominican could kill 40,000 of our countrymen, they will not hesitate to take them to the sugar cane fields.

I have nothing agains the dominicans, but I can not forget what they did to us. I am in no way adovacating the return of a brutalizing force, but a protective one. How can we celebarte november 18, January 1, May 18 when the force that gave us these glorious days doesn't exist.

Not all member of the army was evil. if thees 10,000 members of the military force were kiling people every day, overpopulation will not be a problem! You guys are beeing fed all kind of lies lies by other people who will never respect you: you have no Money, no Jobs, no army, no roads, no infrastructure, no leaders...

we're up for grabs! no wonder why they change the last name of Haiti from Thomas to THE POOREST country of the ATMOSPHERE.

They moved us from Hemispherer to atmosphre...They put us up like pariahs for the entire world to see, to discourage any blacks countries to be really independant..

That a political lynching of our nation...lets' reform the institutions foir the sake of the country, the FADH included.

Agarou, October 21 2007, 1:59 PM

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Yves, you are one of the few citizens who see the importance of the army in Haiti. Some people hate the idea to have... read more >
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