Well, our country has natural resouces that have never been...

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Well, our country has natural resouces that have never been exploited, look what happened to Iraq.a
small "oiled rich' third world country, they attacked them and distabilized their armed forces and waited to make sure that they didn't have any weapon to defend themself .Years later a world superpower that is thirsty for oil invaded them and occupied them, took complete control of their oil fields.Are you telling me that today's haitians are ignorant, stupid?are telling me that we won't be able to build an armed force to defend the interest of our country.Most of tonton macoutes are dead or too old to do anything...

We don't need USA, France or England to rebuild our military, if we ask tham for help they would do what they have been doing for century which is:decieve, divide and control.

Listen if we don't rebuild our army Santo Domingo would occupy HAITI WHEN THE MINISTAT leave our country and well be the new Palestine of the americas.Look at New Orleans, they don't care about their own black people.

It is moraly wrong for
a country that fought against slavery to have its citizen mentaly slave, after all, we are the second
indepedant country in the american continent, well,obviously that doesn't mean anything for some
of us.

Yves Binbin, October 21 2007, 12:44 PM

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Well,our country has natural resouces that have never been exploited,look what happened to Iraq.a small "oiled rich... read more >
Yves Binbin, 21-Oct-07 12:44 pm
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Agarou, 21-Oct-07 1:59 pm
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Ti Jan Danto, 21-Oct-07 2:27 pm
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Agarou, 22-Oct-07 1:51 am
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Agarou, 22-Oct-07 2:08 am
Man,most of our brothers believe that United States would defend our home land if we were invaded by D R.I like to... read more >
Yves Binbin, 22-Oct-07 11:10 am
Let me also add the United States provided the British with military equipments and spy information during the war... read more >
Xyz, 22-Oct-07 12:09 pm
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Mckenzie, 22-Oct-07 10:59 pm
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Ti Malice, 23-Oct-07 4:12 am
I believe that the Army should be re-instated and wuold serve as great economical backing to Haiti's path to... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 3-Mar-08 5:32 pm
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