Here was a nice blog: 100% true The Haitian Army has made...

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Here was a nice blog: 100% true
The Haitian Army has made enormous mistakes.

I admit that as a former military officer.

However, that was not a reason to disolve a country's army.
Remember the Chilean Army that killed thousands and thousands people during the Pichochet'reign from 1973 to 1990.
Remember the military coup in Argentina from 1973 to 1983, les generaux Videla et consort killed thousands.

Remember Paraqguay, Brasil.

Needless to mention the African Armies.

Now, they are all in Haiti to learn us democracy.

Are they clean?

Did Afonsin disolve the Argentine' Army?

No. Chili, Pinochet?


Like George Michel said:"Many Haitian hate their own Army, but they like the foreign Army".

Ce sont les sequelles du colonialisme.

Soyons serieux.


Posted by Jerry on 9/28/06 11:39 PM

Agarou, October 22 2007, 1:51 AM

Topic: Force Armee D'haiti

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Here was a nice blog: 100% true The Haitian Army has made enormous mistakes. I admit that as a former military... read more >
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