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The exposé explain the concept of original sin. and salvation.

By the way ZomBies are NOTt dead people.

They are people who were administered a poisonous powder which placed them in a deep coma. Depending on the dosage of the powder and by which portal the poison entered the body, the person may " revive" within 72hours.

There is conclusive evidence that the person suffer a certain amount of brain damage by the poison and the lack of oxygen to their brain while in their coffin.

According to the investigative book "The Serpent and the Rainbow" by an ethnobotanist named Wade Davis there is no SUPERNATURAL anything about the whole process just pure evil. An American pharmaceutical company wanted to use the powder they named "Zomberline" for surgery but it causes brain damage.The book is being sold on Amazon.com. There is a movie also but the book is more truthful.

There you have it ZOMBIES are not dead people.

The Truth About Christianity, October 8 2007, 11:47 PM

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The expose explain the concept of original sin. and salvation. By the way ZomBies are NOTt dead people. They are... read more >
The Truth About Christianity, 8-Oct-07 11:47 pm
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Good To Have A Christian Expos, 9-Oct-07 12:01 pm
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Ti Malice., 11-Oct-07 9:10 pm
Dear Flo, I have read your "expose on Christianity". Please, tell me what you believe in. The expose is far from... read more >
Gerard, 11-Oct-07 9:55 pm
To one and all, I have refrained from posting because it is my estimation that this blog has been taken over by about... read more >
Mckenzie, 11-Oct-07 10:53 pm
where did you learn all these stuffs read more >
Djakut, 11-Oct-07 11:12 pm
Addendum, Most of the supposed documents posted was plagiarizedrized. The name of the book escapes me, but I intend to... read more >
Mckenzie, 11-Oct-07 11:14 pm
I have my laptop with me and I got your message brother Gerard by checking my e-mail but I am off the blog for a while... read more >
Flo, 12-Oct-07 6:29 pm
Peace, Flo Why would you want to reform Voodoo? Gerard read more >
Gerard, 12-Oct-07 6:43 pm
Greetings! One must not compare religion to Christianity. Christianity is derived from the name of Christ, which... read more >
Mardochard Louis, 12-Oct-07 10:24 pm
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