Flo; mediocre representation of Haiti

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Dear Flo Duver,
I felt your pain and frustration as I went through your post. Most of it I hope many other people will address.

I will only point out to that those horrible, embarrassing, humiliating representations of Haiti existed long before Haiti was in the condition that it is now. Most of these representations are done by missionaries using our population to raise money for themselves.

However, this could be stopped.

Here I will use Gros-morne Gonaives's point about a "strong government." There are ways to keep these missionaries from doing this. The reason they do it mostly to us is because we let them and other nations don't. There are also counter measures that could be used to promote Haiti and counter these negative representations.

Investing in positive PR on the American media front; once you win that market there youre set with the rest of the world.

Yeah, it sounds bad, but it is a fact that the American media dominates the world's mass communication.

Hope others will respond to some of your other grievances.

Linda, September 22 2007, 9:43 PM

Topic: Why are so many eg mediocre representing Haiti?

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Flo, 25-Sep-07 12:00 pm
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Flo, 25-Sep-07 2:48 pm
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Linda, 25-Sep-07 7:34 pm
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Djakut, 9-Oct-07 9:39 pm
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Flo, 10-Oct-07 11:40 am


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