is mr preval omnipotent?

Pakitte - August 13 2007, 9:17 PM

you are blaming one person for the dirty streets of haiti.

complaint in a democracy is good, but do you think that preval has a magic wand with wich he can use at will to make all of haiti's ill go away .don't you think the lack of sanition in the cities and villages of haiti is more of a local problem that should be the responsibility of the minister of public sanitation.

I would like to know about the budget for such basic public works.when the funds are allocated to the sanitation departement lets say, is there a transparancy.can the press look at the books to insure that the money is not wasted by the people who are runing the sanitation departement for example.for haiti to have any chance we have to adopt these basic principle of good governance.that has to be done locally and nationally.

we can't revert to the good old days where one man or woman pilfers the public piggy bank for himself or his friends and nothing for the people...let's think anew, let's think of'the public good'


preval papa cochon

I'm a Haitian that living in the united state of America,I was in Haiti about A month ago I was wandering if MR preval...

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