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Dear Charchou:

I am going to respond to your letter in the form that you wrote it. Here it goes. I am happy that you a Haitian that(is) living in the united state of America.

I am also glad that you wandering (wondering)if MR preval (Mr. Preval)don't (does not) travelle (travel)in the contry (country) or if he (is) just a pig because the contry (country)is to (so) dirty and nasty.

papa (Papa cochon).

If this text was submitted to a third grade teacher, he/she would have returned it back to you awashed with red ink. Keep in mind that before you cast aspersion on someone else's worth, take a hard look at yourself in a mirror.

Charchou, you are an imbecile.

You have the diction and the writing ability of a second grader.

Charchou Can T Write, September 3 2007, 11:14 PM

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you are blaming one person for the dirty streets of haiti.complaint in a democracy is good,but do you think that... read more >
Pakitte, 13-Aug-07 9:17 pm
Brother why do you even bother to answer to a such individual? Those of us who have been blessed by the Lord should... read more >
Bonzanj, 13-Aug-07 10:29 pm
That was a very intelligent response to that knucklehead's posting. I have observed one thing from reading different... read more >
Frantz Pimpjuice Polissaint, 14-Aug-07 1:08 am
bro, never get tired of talking especially if you beleive what you have to say has some truth in it.notice i said some... read more >
Pakitte, 14-Aug-07 4:19 pm
Instead of calling the presient names, focus instead on what you can do tp help your country to become clean, and... read more >
Lolou, 14-Aug-07 4:23 pm
Wait a minute why is it that we Haitians are so good at dissing each other. What satisfaction do we find in this... read more >
Concerned Haitian, 3-Sep-07 6:28 pm
Dear Charchou: I am going to respond to your letter in the form that you wrote it. Here it goes. I am happy that you a... read more >
Charchou Can T Write, 3-Sep-07 11:14 pm
The responsibiity should not lay upon only the president alone. We all have our part. What are doing about our native... read more >
Babyblue, 18-Nov-07 1:55 am
papa cochon, moin panse ke mo sa trop poun rele, youn prezidan ke tout moun vote. ou gin rezon li paka fe tout bagay... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 18-Nov-07 9:30 pm
Chachour, If President Preval is a pig, what would you call the Haitian people who must live daily in this horrific... read more >
Ed Gauvin, 11-Dec-07 12:17 pm
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