mr.preval.we dear to hope.

Pakitte - August 13 2007, 10:00 PM

Mr preval i'm one of those haitians who grew up in the states .i have been following what has been hapenning in haiti for the past thirty years.

my uncle use to give me fifty cents to buy the haitian news paper every saturday in brooklyn, i would listen to the haitian radio station .there was only one sation at that time .the hatian hours i beleive it was a three hours spot. i would read every thing i could about haiti.

at time i felt sad, but never shame of the haitian of course with the advent of the internet i am hooked.

i want to see some change of course.

i was so happy when mr. aristide was elected as i was sad when he couldn't bring peace to the haitian people.

he was not a uniter he lacked something a "je ne sais quoi" his heart was at the right place.

i beleive the national and international spot that he was propelled to clouded his best judgement.

he was undiplomatic with his policies or lack of policies he played the class divider at times .as a result haiti is now at the door step of a new dawn.the stabilization mission of the united nation in haiti is a positive situation for haiti.

i pray and hope that you sir, the elected leader will act wisely and capitalise on it.i know you will convince the haitian citizenery, the law makers the rebel rousers, the demagouges of all stripes the urgency to change their self deafeating ways. in the long run all will be better for the people.

good luck

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