Promoting those insults is insane!

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It really does not matter at this point.

You may cry blood as much as you want.

Whomever you represent and are promoting, he or she is not in a better position than you are.You represent the dark side of Haiti.

You have not demonstrated enough prestige nor character to question our leader.

I will not be surprised, however, if your stupid post makes the hottest topic, since it is evident that somebody is promoting those types of profanity against our country, our leader and against us, real Haitians.

Whether it's the manager of this site, it appears that some insane individual has the propensity to promote obscenity as hot topics.

I cannot believe that we Haitians can be so obsessed with such materials.

I can make this argument that most of you that dares speaking against this president or against our country often failed to make a clean case.

You always choose to take the course of derogatory insults as a vehicle for your disproval of this president.

If that's all you can offer, what type of credibility can you have to choose whom should be our leader?

Stop promoting chaos for Haiti.

We trully have enough of that troubling past.
Although we are not yet where we want to be, we are certainly in a much better position today than we were before.

by Gros-Mornes/Gonaives.

Gros-mornes Gonaives, December 9 2007, 4:08 PM

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