Listen, Stanley has called the former French Army to invade...

Toulimen Legrand - April 13 2011, 1:46 PM

Listen, Stanley has called the former French Army to invade Haiti just to exile his fellow Haitian brother called Aristide.

I am not a fan of Aristide but I will not call the army of a former colonial country to come recolonize an independent country just to exile one of my brothers.

He has no credibility and I cannot be proud of his legacy.Now, he wants to bring all Haitians under the U.S. population control by calling for vaccinations for those victims of the U.S. BIOWARFARE against the vulnerable state of HAITI.

Calling for vaccinations for Haitian citizens will bring them under the population control of the U.S. and the hidden killing genes inside those vaccines will reduce their life expectancy considerably.

He must return that money he receives from the G-8 NGOs, for Haitians will not be treated as guinea pigs like those AFRICAN AMERICANS who have lower life expectancy than any other ethnic groups in the U.S. Haitians will not be the next target ok. I wish I never received vaccinations in my life but I had no control over my life and I was a victim like many within this white's scientists controled world.

With vaccines as Dr Sanjay Gupta claims it, we are the guinea pigs of all U.S. corporations.

Leave that vaccine for you, STANLEY and the rest of your family.

Haiti will not be so dependent on the U.S. for medicines in the next deacade ok.

Stanley was wrong for bringing the former colonial French army in Haiti to exile Aristide.

If Dessalines were alive he would slap Stanley's face as a betrayor for bringing that army back in HAITI.

Shame on both of you and history will mark you both down as betrayors of HAITIANS PERIOD.

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Men verite ke Stanley ekri kife ke neg lavalas sa yo...


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