Jean Pierre Alexandre, You are absolutely correct on all...

Rooster - April 13 2011, 1:35 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre,

You are absolutely correct on all points.

However, remember, America is a fast-changing country, and the RACIST views of yesterday continue to diminish rapidly...

America will soon have a majority of minorities...

It is about social class now, not race.
I believe America can behave benevolently and help Haiti prosper.

But I also have little patience for people like Joubert who can only blame their best chance for success for their own miserable failure...

America has mad many horrific mistakes in the past with regards to Haiti, but you have to understand that we were a slave-holding country that feared genuine African self-determination.

America has changed.

Old habits die hard, thus, certain racist views persist to this day in America.

We are all learning in real time.
As America observes her most painful four years, the American Civil War, you will be obliged to notice the debate over our own identity as a nation.

I have an ancestor, Benjamin Boler, who enlisted in the one of the Ohio Regiments, and died somewhere in Virginia, where, ironically, I grew up.
So, if it is agreed that the war was fought over slavery, then it follows necessarily that my ancestor gave his life to end it.
I want Haiti to join the modern world.

I do. But Haitians must try to live in the PRESENT, not the PAST.

JPA, I respect you.

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