In return, I really appreciate your feedback on this subject...

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In return, I really appreciate your feedback on this subject for the way that the international mafia works is to divide people cause if we united we can change the course of history.

Of course, for those who are talking about fake it is not with coincidence that the same attributes were the marks of Jesus Christ Himself.

I had rather die than to sell my nation, brothers and sisters.

This the credentials of this Haitian Brother: THD, BSBA, ASPI, and others etc.,

What is the reason that people are afraid of change?

For fifty years Haiti has been driven by the international mafia in accord with the little five /5% elites that kidnapped a system under their riffs; now God says, enough is enough to the misery and bad treatment of the people.

For those who are afraid, this is the advise to all of you: Haiti needs all your services.

The love that country has for you is eternal, but don't stop the machine of this revolution for it is a divine sign and call to aleviate the pain and suffering of my brothers and sisters.

President Martelly must listen and bring to pass the dream of the people or else He will be history.

We must be all assure that this is a peaceful revolution just few change for the people and for all Haitians.

Let use our commonsense and look around us right there in the Caraibbean Nations Haiti used to be the chief cornerstone to become the poorest in the Hemisphere.

We can do better with our intelligence, education, and history to save Haiti.

As for me I am not defending no single man nor ideologies, but Haiti and Haiti alone for the benefit of my brothers and sisters.

True leader stands for principle and professionalism to create a system of dependent and competence.

I don't care if people crticize: Duvalierist, Lavalas, Prevalist, the new President or even myself cause your critics help me move toward success to be better prepared to respond positively to your notions.

Rev. Rivel Dumaine, Dr. is not only involve in bringing change in Haiti, but this Revolution is coming verysoon in the United States of America as many of you can see it is happening in the Middle East: Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc.,

I pledege my voice for a pacific revolution never and never with violence, but we must move forawrd not backward.

Haiti can change for the best. Stop blaming other nations for our problem we are the problem and must solve it on our own; to some extend they are major contributors to our misery by our acceptation and unquestionable attitude.

Until now, people have the right to question Rev, Rivel Dumaine, Dr. if they can not then there is a problem; all of you are appreciate from the bottom of my heart for the demonstration of your courage to say what the belief of your heart.

It is okay for you to express yourself that is the only way you can make the difference between a leader and an opportunist the way their handle situation and crisis.

All bloggers in the Internet, your are superb and great, it is hard for any one to talk without expressing the emotional character for a friend, leader, president, and or political Party.

That is the only reason I am very confident and attainable to the majority of the writers due the reason of been with no affiliation.

Israel became a nation in 1948, my Haitians look at their success comparing to our poverty it is ashamed cause we are doggy one another.

Changing mentality, changing mentality, changing mentality.

If you can read inside my heart you will be able to write a thousand books with the love that I have for my brothers and sisters.

Let pray for the new President as we would do for any others.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 10 2011, 12:18 AM

Topic: CIA's Spies Are Arguing About Haitian Former Pdts To Divide More Haitians

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