Americans put Martelly so he could surrender our natural ressources to them

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This clown will give the Americans the Mole St Nicholas, our gold deposit, the lithium deposit and the uranium deposit we have in Haiti.

He raise the homosexual flag in his first speech when he mentioned the Arc en Ciel-kreyol pale kreyol konprend.

He will put the homosexual agenda in Haiti remember some of those main reporter that were in Haiti during the earthquake are homo those and most of those foreigners in Haiti now are trying to infect the country with this vice and other vice. He will sell our territory to the rich Americans, Canadians,British and Dominicans that is why he talk about fusion with Dominican Republic.

Concerned Haitian, April 7 2011, 7:05 PM

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Midi Dix, 7-Apr-11 9:33 pm
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Linda, 7-Apr-11 11:51 pm
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Stopintimidate People, 11-Apr-11 11:44 pm


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