Don't you thing CIA killing in Haiti is overdue and whom...

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Don't you thing CIA killing in Haiti is overdue and whom involve must pay in full?

Remember an ex-CIA never retired, they are actives for life.
A dog is a dog, he will stay a dog in his sick bed and die as a dog, Toulimen when you know a dog change to a cat or sheep or dove call me.I respect you very deeply, i love you.You pist me off with your believe Haiti can change with dialogue and sweet talk, touching the ennemies balls and asses.

The elites kill us swiftly one by one in their own time and "selective target".

Yes(that's the tactic name),we have the bible, miseries,caskets, cholera,ect...

Do you know why in Haiti the majority of the population is 60 plus % are young people below 30's?

Cause Haitians don't live long anymore, due to miseries and stress.

Do you know Why Haiti have more bible, chantdesperans, than amoize, timalice?

Because the people don't have faith in themself to move forward, they floating between space and time.
We need a serious mouvement to educate the people of what is going on in the terrain and you will see the result.Think, think,think again we have the resources in hand to change very fast the problem.

Every one now in Haiti have a cell phone.just like sometime you can see messages just pop up in your phone demanding minutes refill for your loves one in Haiti.

we can use the same system as well to spread the education legaly.

I was reading an info from an Ecuadorian friend, how the CIA kill one of their best leader and key Ecuadorian people in the 80's.
Toulimen, i hope you understand where is my unbalance came from.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, April 10 2011, 7:15 AM

Topic: CIA's Spies Are Arguing About Haitian Former Pdts To Divide More Haitians

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Don't you thing CIA killing in Haiti is overdue and whom involve must pay in full? Remember an ex-CIA never... read more >
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Rooster, 11-Apr-11 4:04 pm


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