Good job this the type of people Haiti needs to move forward...

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Good job this the type of people Haiti needs to move forward.

We must unite together for the common cause of healing and disinfecting our nation from the disease of more than 50 years of corruption, mishandling, mismanagement, stealing, good speech for nothing, and the, machine of segregation and isolation of the majority by the little tiny majority that have been kidnapped the nation for so lo long.

It is about time for the great revolution to start without impartiality.

Justice must prevail to save Haiti, there is no such thing of impunity to pardon those who have been stolen the treasury of the state for decades.

Reconciliation for the most mean justice, rule of law, and order to from the top to the bottom.

No one should be against the New President because he is the choice of the majority; believe it or not He will not put the people my brothers and sisters down not let them down ; he will lift them up t dignity, respect, and self-proficient to better education.

It does not matter who is the President of this great country; Haitians must be united to save it although that is not the pretext of avoiding justice for all.

The number one priority of all Haitians if allowed to say must be the oneness of the voice to support the President in a daily basis in the decision-making to best govern the nation and presiding over the people.

to be#1 Decentralization complete and total of all state affair/ country
#2 Education from Kinder Garden to High school should be territorial because it is very stupid for a system of so called educated mind.
#3 National Education Departmental must be departmental that is why it calls departmental and not state of Haiti.

#4 National Police Departmental must be autonomous to govern not to be a franchise of the Same body that will save the Government million of dollars it calls common sense or cs.
#5 The Judicial System be prioritized to each Department unless a crime committed is federal against the nation that is win win for the nation.

#6 Government Jobs must be an equal opportunity for the country is the nine department other than that it derail and create dissatisfaction.

#7 Haiti must have two political Party at the end to avoid to many confusions among voters.

8# The people must be able to repeal those Ministers and government employees who fail to perform with justice and equity.

#9 Haitians all over the world must be benefited from the dual citizenship enable to participate equally in Haiti development.

#10 Haiti must have one Executive leader who is native and commander in chief at the present moment must be Mr. Michel Martelly
#11 Haiti must regulate all foreigners entered its soil to be visitors not Haitian leaders.

#12 Congress with the government must amend the Constitution to integrate a national power replacing Minustha avoiding the payment of Twelve thousands /12000.00 US dollars per month that can pay the whole Haitian body one month, and that was the biggest mistake made by the fearest brainless Jean Bertrand Aristide.

#13 to eliminate at least 1% of patronage in government jobs that will make it available to all Haitians
#14 Security must the rule of law from the top to bottom to punish big and little criminals.

#15 Mandatory cleaning per department must be daily reported and registered.

#16 stop all Haitians trading to republic Dominican, Bahamas, Jamaica, such country which Haiti could be double sized.

#17 University of Haiti must be departmental to avoid this stupid and non sense misrepresentation.

#18 The NGP must be the number 1 market.

#19 Forestry must be well equipped to avoid natural disaster.

#Haiti must accept all foreign partners and friends who support Haiti's motto.

#20 Haiti's Constitution must respect above all others in it soil.


Welcome all critical thinking and threshold correction for Haiti will not work with words but action!


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 7 2011, 5:31 PM

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Toulimen Legrand, 7-Apr-11 12:34 pm
Good job this the type of people Haiti needs to move forward. We must unite together for the common cause of healing... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 7-Apr-11 5:31 pm
This is a well detailed plan and I hope that Martelly is taking notes. We want to advise him but if refuses to take... read more >
Toulimen, 7-Apr-11 9:10 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 12-Apr-11 7:34 am
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