Although the effect of Mr. President Michel Martelly will be...

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Although the effect of Mr. President Michel Martelly will be impartial to impose social and economic justice for all, other elements and classes will enjoy the same freedom and equal treatment that every human being in this planet Earth deserves.

However, to say that This President is Pro- Duvalierist, pro-CIA, and pro-banditist is entirely unhumanistic, unethical, and naive to the point of leaving out that He is a pro- Lavalas.

Why this President can be all the above and not a pro-lavalas the One who loves and gathering 85%of my brothers and sisters.

Supposedly agree with you for any documentary to start with His profile, but not in according to the described above.

President Michel Martelly is just coming to a job that the Haitian People conferred upon Him with dependability, honesty, good attitude, and competency.

He respect everyone as citizen of any other country but not tolerate crimes, executions, corruptions, and viols of the bourgeois to seed among our brothers and sisters.

He will not be a failure like Jean Bertrand Aristide who elected twice for the lack of leadership skills, professional strategies, OB, and Bx became the biggest loser in the History of Haitian government.

Of course there is time to be friendly, laughfable, and courteous, but there is time to demonstrate personality, intelligence, and socialisation.

So Mr. Commandante 12 at Yahoo, the people need your help, supposrt, and expertise to make things happen in Haiti, please get on Board.

No more Krik Krak no more len pa nan ayayay nap nan piyay sa fini pep la pap pran nan moune sa yo anko Bondye di se ase.

By the way, opposing in such a way to the presidency of Mr. President Rene Preval for the lack of economic and social relief for my brothers and sisters tended to eject furious revolution against His Governement, however this President Mr. Rene Preval will play the most important role in the history of Haitian government as the sonoric leadership style for avoiding exile in two consecutive terms, while Jean Bertrand Aristide will be known for the best big mouth speech giver, many languages, but he is best qualified as a failure and a maniac and morphobic.

For the first time in our history, that my Haitian People brothers and sisters elected a President with no root and ties from any form of pro- government, pro-NGO, nor pro-religious sectors.

Mr. President, Free advise to your government: wake up. stand up, speak up the campaign slogans, fight and fight the good fight for the People and all Haitians, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, neg andeyor ou neg la vil, fanm ou gason, chef ou civil anba yon sel banye jistis.

You will have a second term in Haiti for the Haitians, and no more exile.

I have never be in government, being the son of pitit malere, but thank to God I acquired knowledge and wisdom and as an Astute able to use continue my education to detect and communicate with others on top of the piramid.

Anyone that can penetrate the internet to join the big brothers and sisters can not and shall not never consider to be such uneducated except for the fact people are of potential challenge of future leaders.

The government of President Michel Martelly must not full of former entourages of the past, but our young and brave very well educated, rich in knowledge, skills, etc.,these formers need to invest moneys their have been stolen form Haiti for centuries back in education, environment, road, reconstruction, and technology.

there are big greedy mouth that are never satisfied, but wanted and wanted, give and give, only them and them only, that is a lie and a big lie to their noses.

Mr. Commandante 12 at yahoo, you are superb and are doing a good job, and this the mentality that I acclaim to possess.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 7 2011, 10:21 AM

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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 12-Apr-11 7:34 am
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