The New Haitian Government under the leadership of Michel...

Samba - February 20 2011, 11:22 PM

The New Haitian Government under the leadership of Michel Joseph Martelly will pass an executive order on the form of a decree law to supervize all NGOs activities in Haiti while awaiting the Haitian Parliament to vote a law regulating all NGOs management in Haiti.

Those greedy and corrupted organizations are on board to create more poverty in Haiti while laundering their tax evasion money in Haiti.

Money laundering through NGOs in Haiti will come to an end and Haiti will start being the tax evasion haven for U.S. Corporations.

They will be held accountable in a near future.

The Liberal-Conservative branch of the Haitian Bourgeoisie will get them under control pretty soon. Just wait and you will see. As a CIA spy, you will witness this great transformation yourself.


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