Her we go again... American water is full of addictive...

Rooster - February 20 2011, 11:11 AM

Her we go again...

American water is full of addictive chemicals?

Like what?

American water is the BEST in the world.

Sure, they put chemicals in it to keep it free of bacteria, and many municipalities put flourine in it to help TEETH.

Other than that, everything in American water is safe TO DRINK.

Haitians lose a lot of legitimacy when they make crazy unfounded accusations.

I notice a lot of people on this blog who complain of not being taken seriously; well, it's awefully difficult to take someone seriously when they spout so mush hogwash and horse manure.

It simply is not true that American water is full of addictive chemicals...

Can we please get serious here, and stick to the truth?

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