Toulimen, Marjorie, Tiba, Linda, Jynee, et al, I apologize for...

Rooster - February 16 2011, 4:29 PM

Toulimen, Marjorie, Tiba, Linda, Jynee, et al, I apologize for having used defamatory terms and expressions against You, Your People, or Your Country.

I hereby vow to desist from any comment that may be construed as defamatory towards You, or any of your concerns, or I expect to Be Ignored Forever.

You are Right Toulimen.

I do owe an apology.

I hope that this Olive Branch indeed allows Us to Bury the Hatchet, and hereafter enjoy thoughtful discourse on matters only concerning the future of Haiti.

Please allow me the privileged liberty to enumerate and explain a few points of FACT upon which I conduct my arguments, when divorced from heated ad hominem exchanges:
1. All people are created equal.

2. Every race has its equal share of ignoramuses and fools.

3. Every race has its equal share of geniuses.

4. All cultures are not equal.

That point of contention is a pain pill for some to swallow, and gets me in trouble a lot, but I ardently believe it is true, so I stick to it.

I hope (I do not pray, as I believe that God has better matters to attend to than mine) that you all will generously grant me a voice, however small, on this blog. As Toulimen remarked, being ignored is the worst form of retribution visited upon a man. PS, Where is Ronald?

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