Marge, I have no Indian in me; if i did, I would say so. I...

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Marge, I have no Indian in me; if i did, I would say so. I have yet to say that all of any culture or race, etc. are ignorant, but I do respond strongly to attacks rendered upon me by others.

As i have twice been asked, I have tried to open another topic, but not one has offered to opine.

I feel personally like these various Christian NGO's might be doing some good down there, but i think a lot of resources are wasted on salaries and other overhead costs.

Also, someone said that I changed my name for dishonest reasons, or at least implied such; I had to shut down an email address after Petrus impersonated me. If this blog was password protected like most blogs, we wouldn't have such a problem.

Finally, it has been remarked that I am biracial and that my father is kkk....?

The very idea is illogical if you give it serious deliberation.

I will say this one last time: I believe, as does the American Declaration of Independence state, that "All Men (and thus, Women) are Created Equal, and Are Endowed by Their Creator with Certain Unalienable Rights...

(I'm sure a Learned Woman such as yourself knows the rest....

At any rate, I believe deeply in that creed, and i am shocked that people on this blog resort to the race card so often, rather than to argue a legitimate point of fact on issue.

I abhor the kkk, the skinheads, or any other group that uses race as a plank in their platform.

My arguments follow a strict regimen of fact, or at least opinion based on such. "brian" betrayed the fact that he is not who he said he is because of the way he spoke about bikers, for example: A natural-born American simply would not have said it the way he did. It was more like an immigrant speaking about something that confounded their understanding.

Now, concerning your submission with respect to how my Polish ancestors strived to be American: That is precisely what is wrong now....

people who come here now don't want to be American, but rather whatever they are already, IN America.

There is a big difference.

Then they lecture about "multiculturalism," (because the notion benefits them, not America) and try to put Americans on the defensive, in an effort to further dilute our culture.

There is an ancient axiom, coined by a famous man: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." That is what we are missing now. Do you know that in my own classroom I have had Mexican students (illegals) who refuse to even stand for the Pledge in the morning?

It is quite common with the Mexican kids. Yet, most couldn't even go to school in their own country! So now, they sit in my classroom and refuse to respect America by standing.

It is doubtless their parents encouraging them to act so disrespectfully...America is like a huge cake being slowly ripped apart one crumb at a time. I don't expect foreign nationals to pledge allegiance to my country, but if I were in there country, I would at least stand for theirs.

Too many people come here now and bear no loyalty to america at all; it's as if we're simply becoming the flea-market of the world.

If and when America falls from her present status as a superpower, Haiti will be one of the first to regret it. Can you ask some of your friends to stop with the silly curses?

I think you are a fair person; you have been fair to me. I liked your retort about Christian superstitions, as it was a very good point.

I am not a Christian, or a Jew, or a Muslim, or anything else, other than a Deist, as were the Founding Father of my country.

You see no mention of Christ in any Founding Document; only references to the "Creator." I believe in a God. Beyond that, I know nothing.

When various people on this blog light me up with threats and poorly deliberated rants, I think of some Ben Franklin said: He who will not be counseled, cannot be helped." Sorry for droning on and on; I just got home from work and arrived to an host of posts once again denigrating me.

Rooster, February 16 2011, 3:30 PM


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